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Learn more about Mysore at Prana Das 14:59

Nepal: You Have to Listen 18:06

David Newman (Durga Das) on Mantra, Love and Protecting the Mind through Vibration 15:07

Ancestral Sounds: Native America Flute Meditation 3:27

How You Jump Through in Vinyasas with Julia Paddison 5:28

Twist Tips for Detoxing Yoga Postures 3:29

Intro to Ayurveda & Kitchari Cleanse 2:59

Harmonize Your Habitat: 7 Simple Practices to Change Your Life 2:26

Nepali Children Thank Amy for Her Donations… 0:07

Bakasana to Tripod Headstand with Kate Loftus 4:14

Jamie Porto Make Moon Phase Yoga Art at PHY  3:08

Join the Prana Lifestyle ReBoot with Derek 2:02

Lauren Stables Talks Teaching and Presents the Drop Back 3:47

Alex Holmes Explains those Spinning Balls of Light …  4:29

Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Reflections 6:03

What You May Not Know About the Power of Meditation … 3:16

MVI 0007  6:56

Surprise, Derek … Lululemon Ambassador It is! 1:10

PHY Pose Breakdown: Trikonasana with Assists 3:05

Yoga for Healing: #Meettheyogis with Derek and Steve Cohen  2:29

Grasshopper Pose How-To 3:43

April Freestyle Flow with Derek Hopkins 7:56

#MeetTheYogis: Lauren Herman’s Hope & Healing  2:56

Working Out In the Evening: Yoga with Derek & Nadia for Philly.com  2:34

Prepping for the Big Hearts Workshop 1:39

Kids Yoga at Prana House  2:01

Bhakti Bookworms with Lululemon Athletica at Prana House Yoga  2:16

Moksha Women’s Evolution Group Starting at PHY 1:41

PHY Pose Breakdown: Pressing with Sarah Costanza  2:33

PHY Freestyle Flow with Derek, January 2015  6:24

PHY Pose Breakdown: How to Headstand with Jason Coffman 4:26

How to Headstand – A How-To for Beginners  4:02

PHY Posture Breakdown: Ustrasana to Kapotasana  3:24

#MeetTheYogis Noelle Gesualdo 4:28

Why Yin? Monika Brass Explains the Benefits  1:32

#MeettheseYogis: Sarah Shakti, New Teacher at Prana House Yoga  2:27

Soothing the Senses – A Workshop with Jessica Ardis and Stephanie Rodigas 0:50

#MeetTheseYogis #1: Erica & Drew  2:15